L-Ornithine Hydrochloride

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Other Name: N/A
CAS No.: 3184-13-2
Molecular Formula: C5H12N2O2HCL
Molecular Weight: 168.62
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade
Assay: 99.0% Min.
PH: 5.0~6.0
Specific rotation: +23.0 ~ +24.5 Degree
State of solution: 98.0% Min.
Packing size: 25kg/drum
Shelf life: 2 years
Application: Sports supplements
Quality Standard: USP

1. L-Ornithine Hcl is a non-essential amino acid.
2. L-Ornithine Hcl is manufactured in the body utilizing L-Arginine which is an important precursor needed to manufacture Citrulline, Proline and Glutamic Acid.
3. L-Ornithine Hcl is one of the growth hormone releasers used to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat.
4. Another important function of L-Ornithine Hcl is its use in detoxifying cells from harmful ammonia buildup.