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Lidocaine hydrochloride is chemically designated as acetamide, 2 – (diethylamino)-N-(2,6-dimethyl) -, monohydrochloride and has a molecular weight of 270.8. The molecular formula is C14H22N2O.HCl.For lidocaine hydrochloride solutions containing epinephrine, which is chemically designated as (-) -3,4-dihydroxy-α-[(methylamino) methyl] benzyl alcohol and has the molecular weight of 183 21. Its molecular formula is C9H13NO3.Lidocaine sterile lidocaine hydrochloride with epinephrine hydrochloride solution of lidocaine hydrochloride injections are sterile pyrogen-free solutions, water containing a local anesthetic with or without epinephrine and are administered intravenously injection.Dosage forms listed as xylocaine-MPF indicates a single dose solutions are methyl Araben REE P F (MPF).

Lidocaine hydrochloride (Lid-oh-kane hi-droh-clor-ride) is a medicine Which is used in Local anesthesia and heart rhythm disorders.

The information In this Medicine Guide for lidocaine hydrochloride varies ACCORDING to the condition being Treated and the special preparation used.

Lidocaine hydrochloride stops the feeling of pain. It can be used During medical procedures. Lidocaine hydrochloride Also can be used to treat Un certain types of irregular heartbeats.

Lidocaine HCL used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain of inflamed skin inhibit ion fluxes across membranes, particularly sodium transport across the cell membrane, increase decreases depolarization phase action potential blocking nerve action potential;

Indications: local dental anesthetic peripheral nerve blocks , caudal anesthesia , epidural spinal anesthesia, surgery.

Treatment consists essentially maintaining the circulation and respiration and controlling seizures. The circulation can be maintained with plasma infusions or electrolyte solutions suitable . Seizures can be controlled by intravenous diazepam. If necessary , succinylcholine with endotracheal intubation and artificial respiration may be used if seizures persist . Methemoglobinemia can be treated by intravenous administration of 1.4 mg / kg injection of methylene blue.